Monday, 20 August 2012

Mix and Match Flowers

I bought Bundle Monster Plates from Amazon with my birthday money.  I have wanted these for ages but having no job at the moment stopped that.  I took a little while figuring out how to use them and ended up with a fair few splodges and a fair few designs being scraped away before they even got on the stamp haha!

After figuring out the scraping pressure and working quickly I managed to get a few good designs.   I decided to do a mix and match flower stamps today along with a gradient.  I used Barry M Silver Foil for the stamping polish and Nails Inc Holland Park Road as my base coat.  For the silver glitter tips as part of the gradient I used Barry M Silver Foil and Nails Inc Electric Avenue.  For the Pink Glitter for the middles of the flowers I used Nails Inc Chelsea Square and used a dotting tool (it was so much easier to dot glitter than I expected).  Below is a full list of what I used:

Nails Inc - Holland Park Road
Nails Inc - Chelsea  Square
Nails Inc - Electric Avenue
Barry M - Silver Foil
Attitude Base Coat
Attitude Quick Dry Top Coat
Nail Dotting Tools
Makeup Sponge

I also changed my background for Autumn :)  I know it is far too early but I love autumn and I can't wait for it to come around!  

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