Useful Tips

Here are a few tips that will help you create your nails:

TAPE: When using tape use scotch tape if you can as it doesn't leave residue or peel off nail varnish as easily.  But since I have no money for scotch tape I use normal tape, I found this peeled off my first layer of nail varnish easily so before cutting and sticking it to my nail I stuck it to the palm of my hand so it became less sticky, and it still works to make perfect lines without peeling nail varnish off.

MOISTURISE: Using tape can dry out your cuticles so I always use cream on my hands once my nails are dry.

TOPCOAT: I sometimes have problems with smudging of designs when I apply a topcoat but here are some tips to avoid this:

  • Make sure your nail varnish is completely dry, wait at least an hour before applying a topcoat.
  • Acrylic paint designs didn't seem to smudge as much as nail varnish in my cases.
  • Make sure you have a decent amount of topcoat on your brush when you put it on your nails as the brush can sometime smudge the design if there is not enough polish on it.

STRONGER: After being a terrible nail biter my nails are very weak and break and peel often.  I have read it can take up to a year to grow in strong again. Here are a few things I do to help strengthen my nails:

  • Have a nail varnish free day or two a week to 'air' my nails and let moisturiser soak into them to prevent peeling.
  • Massage olive oil into my nails once a month.
  • Keep them at a manageable shorter length while they are still growing stronger to help stop them from breaking so much.
  • On my nail varnish free nights I cover my hands in moisturiser and put socks or gloves on my hands to keep it locked in :)
  • I use those yellow washing gloves when doing to dishes because getting your nails wet constantly weakens them. 
  • Moisturise after washing your hands.
I have followed these tips since I have stopped biting my nails, and although they are still not strong they are stronger than they first were!

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