Sunday, 19 August 2012

Candle Tin Design

OPI - Kiss me in my Tulips
China Glaze - White on White
Black Nail Art Pen
Blue Unknown Polish
George - Pale Pink
Dotting Tools

I have been lacking inspiration recently for nail designs but I with my birthday money and presents I managed to get my hands on some new nail polishes and tools to get back into nail art again.  I got this Pintail Candle for my Birthday from Chris because he got me it last year but it ran out and it has the most amazing smell ever :).  I also got 2 more from Chris in different smells and one from my sister as well.  So if you like candles check these ones out!

I used striping tape and regular tape to mark off the stripes and painted them in the colours to match the tin and I used my new dotting tools my sister got me for the different sized dots.  I finished with a topcoat :).

Hope you like these nails!

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