Friday, 27 April 2012

Galaxy Nails

Max Factor - Onyx
Marks and Spencer - White Tip
Barry M - Yellow
17 - Orange Soda
Missguided - Mischievous
George - Jackpot
Make up sponge
Cocktail Stick

I kept seeing these about other blogs and decided to have a go at my own.  Heres how I did it:

  1. I painted my nails all over black (over a base coat!)
  2. Ripped up the sponge and used the torn side to dip it into white polish and use it to sponge random lines over my nails (into the shapes in my nails above)
  3. I went over some of the white with the yellow with the sponge again (not completely covering the white but most of it)
  4. Next I used the orange and pinky red to sponge over small parts of the colours already (not too much, just maybe one side of it)
  5. I used the white with sponge again just to blend it a bit more into the black very gently, not much at all, just enough to make it not look like as solid lines.
  6. I used a cocktail stick to put random white dots all over the black.  Keeping them tiny apart from one or two big ones.
  7. After this was dry I used a small glitter polish coat just to add more stars too the look
  8. And finally a topcoat!
This was a very quick nail art for me compared to how long it usually takes!  The sponged areas dry almost instantly so there is no waiting around for nails to dry for so long :)

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