Friday, 30 March 2012

Pinks and Spots

Pinks and Black and White Spots

Colour Trend - Iced Pink
Max Factor Nailfinity - Disco Pink
Max Factor Nailfinity - Onyx
Barry M - White
Kirby Grip

I nailed this by first painting my nails with a light pink nail varnish.  After leaving it to dry I used tape to make a diagonal line across my nail and painted bright pink over the top half.  I pulled the tape off carefully before the paint had a chance to dry to avoid pulling off any of the paint.  After this coat had dried I used the end of my kirby grip to do the dots - By blobbing some white nail varnish on some foil and dipping the end of a kirby grip that had been stretched open and pressing it down on my nail, leaving a space in between each white dot to leave room for the black dots after.  Finish with a topcoat to keep it on for longer :)

I will be doing photo tutorials if people request them once my blog gets up and running.

If you have tried your own version like this please post a link to show us :)

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