Friday, 30 March 2012

Pink and White Bows

Pink and White Bows

Max Factor Nailfinity - Disco Pink
Max Factor Nailfinity - Onyx
Barry M - White
Cocktail Stick
Small Paintbrush

I nailed this look by first painting my nails bright pink and leaving it to dry.  Then using the white nail varnish and the brush that came with it to paint the double scallop shape at the top of the nail.  After this coat has dried I used black nail varnish and a small paint brush to paint on the bow shape - after some experiments of using black nail varnish and black acrylic paint for small details like this I have found that the acrylic paint is MUCH easier to work with, doesnt dry as quick and go tacky.  After this coat has dried use a cocktail stick to place a small white dot in between each bow.  Seal with a topcoat.

I got this idea from another site.  Click here to go to the site for a photo tutorial which might be easier to follow than my instructions. :)

I am planning on doing photo tutorials if anyone requests them.  Any comments or requests are welcome!

This photo was taken by my fiance (I plan on having more pictures this quality) you can find his pictures on Flickr

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