Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Day 1: Red Nails

So finally I have started my attempt to complete the 31 Day Nail Challenge!  I don't know who made this up but I have seen lots of nail bloggers out there complete this challenge, I just never got around to doing it!  I might not do them every single day up till day 31 but I will be posting them as soon as I have the time to do them :).

 Here is Day 1: Red Nails.  I used Barry M Raspberry, and because I didn't want just a plain red I stamped a half moon design (BM219) onto my nails in Barry M Gold Foil to spice up my nails a bit!  I love the final design, I think it looks really simple and classic with a twist.

I am so looking forward to doing the other days :)!  If anyone wants to do this challenge with me feel free to join in!

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