Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Purple Tipped

Max Factor - Boji
Essie - Nice is Nice
Striping Tape

Firstly I got this idea from Pshiiit.  I have loved it for ages but never had a lilac to try it out with until now!  I bought Essie - Nice is Nice last week and I love it!  Three coats gives full coverage and it is such a lovely creamy lilac.  Here is how I did these nails:

  1. First paint your nails all over with your chosen base colour.
  2. Next once your base coat is dry put tape in a diagonal line so only part of the tips are showing and paint your second chosen colour.
  3. Remove your tape before the polish dries.
  4. Once this is dry take your striping tape and cut it to size and place over the line between the two colours.
  5. Finish with a couple of top coats to keep the striping tape in place.
I found that striping tape is very difficult to stay put!  It only lasted a day, but it was neat underneath so it looked fine when it did decide to come off!  

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