Friday, 18 May 2012

White Dotted Tips

Finally I got round to having some spare time to do my nails last week :)  just getting round to posting them a week later !

These are similar to the dotted green tips I did ages ago but black and white! Here is how I did them:

China Glaze - White on White
China Glaze - Trousseau
Max Factor - Onyx
French manicure stickers

  1. Paint your nails all over with a natural nail coloured base (except your ring finger)
  2. Use the french manicure stickers as a guide to paint the white onto the tips (you might need two coats of this but make sure the stickers come off before the polish dries)
  3. Paint your ring fingers white
  4. Once dry use the black polish and a cocktail stick to place neat dots on the white
  5. Topcoat and your done!
Hope you like these!


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