Sunday, 20 May 2012

Water Marble Nails

Max Factor - Intense Plum
China Glaze - White on White
Small Bowl
Room Temperature Water
Cocktail sticks
Cotton buds

I have wanted to do these for ages but always read stories where people failed and it didn't turn out good at all which put me off, but I had some spare time yesterday to do these! Here is how I did them:

  1. Put room temperature water in the small bowl
  2. Have your polish open at the ready as well as all of the things in the list above
  3. Tape up the skin around your nails to avoid SO MUCH clean up after.
  4. Now drop a colour of polish into the bowl and it should spread over the top of the water
  5. Next drop another colour and it will do the same
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 about 3 times till you have a number of coloured rings
  7. Next use your cocktail stick to swirl a pattern into the polish 
  8. Now place your nail face down above the design and slowly lower your finger into the water (you can do this 2 nails at a time to save time!)
  9. Leave for 3 seconds and get your cotton bud and swirl it about the water while leaving your finger(s) in the water to pick up all the excess polish!
  10. And thats it! Repeat with all nails and finish with a topcoat! And clean up around your nails :P
This was so simple for me! I added a few dots around the design after.  In all it took about 20 minutes to do my whole hand :) it's not as hard as it looks at all!  I will upload a video tutorial soon when I try it out again!


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