Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bow French Manicure

I did these a while ago but didn't have the best picture of them.  So here they are all pictured out :) complete with a little bambi!  I used:

China Glaze - White on White
George - Base coat
Black Acrylic Paint
Cocktail Stick
Manicure guides
Matte Topcoat

  1. First I painted two coats of the base coat (because my nails are REALLY stained!)
  2. Next I used the manicure guides to paint white on the tips
  3. Once this was dry I did another coat of the base coat
  4. Next I used the acrylic paint and cocktail stick to paint on the bows and lines :) (My tiny paintbrush got damaged so a cocktail stick is the next best thing i had!)
  5. Then a clear topcoat over that
  6. And finally a matte topcoat over it all (I LOVE matte french manicures!)

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