Thursday, 12 April 2012

Matte Sparkle French Manicure

George - Base Coat
George - Jackpot
George - Matte Finisher
Marks and Spencer - White Tip
French Manicure Stickers

I bought 3 new nail polishes today, again all 3 by george from asda.  All 3 only £1.75 each.  Bargain if you don't have much change to spare.  Also picked up french manicure strips while I was in also for 99p.  So much easier than fiddling about trying to cut tape into perfect curved strips!

Here I used 2 of my new polishes named Base Coat (a nice natural colour) and Jackpot (a delicate silver glitter polish).  I applied 2 coats of the Base Coat to my nails.  I used my new manicure strips to separate the tips, painted them with white polish pulled off the strips and left to dry.  I applied another coat of the Base Coat and left to dry.  Next I put on a coat of Jackpot and left to dry.  Finally I put a coat of the matt finisher on finish.  I have never tried a matt french manicure or a glittery one but I think it turned out really nice and natural especially with the matt finish.  The glitter is so subtle with the one coat, I really like it.

Has anyone else had any experience with any of the george nail polishes? Let me know what you think of them?  Let me know what you think of these nails :)

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