Friday, 6 April 2012

Gradient Ombre Pinks

Max Factor - Disco Pink
Barry M - White
George Manicure - Matt Finisher
Cocktail Stick

I was just playing about with this, I didn't think this would actually turn out keepable!  I only have one shade of pink so I painted my thumb the original pink.  Then on a sheet of paper I mixed the white and pink together to make a lighter shade and that went on my index finger, added more white for the third finger and so on.  After that had dried I used the cocktail stick and the white to dot lots at the top and less as I came away from the tip.  I think it looks quite like snow :) I was going for an easter look, but seeing as it is snowing outside as I type this it is quite fitting!  I sealed with a topcoat and waited a few hours to dry completely before doing any washing or physical things with my hands.  The dots took ages to dry.  Next day I put on matt finisher and there you go!

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