Friday, 30 March 2012

French Manicure with Bows 2

French Manicure with Bows 2

Colour Trend - Iced Pink
Barry M - White
Black Acrylic Paint
Small Paint Brush
Cocktail Stick

This is the second bow french manicure I did.  I love french manicures, they just always go with anything and make nails look neat.  I used a shimmery pink and a white nail varnish to create the classic french manicure and used tape cut into a curve to keep a nice neat line. After this was dry I used black acrylic paint and a small paint brush to draw a black line between the two colours and painted a small bow like above.  I then used a cocktail stick to place a small dot in between each bow.  Then used a topcoat to seal.

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